Do you REALLY want to know how to relieve people of COVID-19 Free nitro ( Hear me out )


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  • Hope

    This is Hope#1445 Signing in..


    Obviously due to covid-19 and jobs being cancelled for the time being, money can be short, everyone understands that. Though you gotta remember: Nitro is an optional thing for people who have some spare money to give to discord to support them and recieve perks in return.

    Though you gotta remember:

    Nitro is one of Discords main source of income!

    It might seem generous for DIscord to give out free nitro during these difficult times, but Discord has to pay their bills too, not just you:

    They have to..

    • for servers
    • for employees (yes, even during this times, Discord cannot just simply pause)
    • for other expenses such as office building costs
    • ..and more

    Discord has already done everything they can do on their side to make these times easier for us, by increasing the Go Live limit to 50 to make online teaching possible, probably upgraded their servers to support higher loads of users, etc..

    Now rethink your Post: Would you really want to get the most essential, most important source of income of Discord for free? Would you really want to make it harder for Discord to handle this Situation at the moment?

    PS: the greatest communities can also grow without boosts or anything else Nitro-related, it just takes effort and time.


    Greetings, Hope. #stayhome



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