Admin message editing abilities



  • HuggyDeathBunny

    I have found multiple requests and discussions for this feature dating back 3 years already. I'll add this :

    - Admin has option to enable full editing of any post
    - IF admin edits a post, the original user's post is flagged "Pending Edit" in Discord for all to see, and the user gets alerted to confirm/deny the edit
    - Once edited and user approved, the post has flag Admin Edited.
    - If Admin is unhappy with a denial of a requested edit, they are then free to delete the post if they see fit, as they normally would.


    Personally I have found numerous times when formatting of guides posted in my MMO discord are just horrendous and would like to add spacing, spell checking or even powerfully incorrect grammar or even just a broken link.

    Other times people have posted something and I'd like to add a link to the relevant channel, or even move it entirely to the correct channel.

  • irebel1544

    This would be so useful! I run a MeetUp group in discord, and need to update event info. But I'm not always available. So it would be great if my other admins had the ability to edit my posts, and vice versa!

  • Sparkling

    I have an immediate need for admin/officer editing of messages. NOT to delete them, to edit them with new information. This request dates back 2 to 5 years. I can't find a way to do this yet though. Has it ever been implemented?


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