Support virtual cameras in macOS application



  • CyberKnoy

    I don't have an accessibility reason like Jay does, but supporting a virtual camera would allow me to use the advanced video features built in to the Logi Capture software to improve my video quality. Accessibility is a way more important reason for this feature.


    Maybe there could be a server permission to allow virtual cameras or not since I understand nefarious users can use them to broadcast content that the server might not want.

  • lovee

    +1, I'm using ManyCam as a video resource while attending video meetings in Zoom, hope I can do the same in DIscord :)

  • Melancholy

    I believe the fix is to petition Discord to build the app (well, the renderer helper) with the Disable Library Validation entitlement.  Without this entitlement, the app can't load third party libraries - which is what virtual cameras essentially are.

    The following workaround seems to work for me, based on limited testing so far - use at your own risk (may have security implications,  but I think it's safe enough - this is the same solution everyone is using with Zoom).  May also just break your Discord install (if so just reinstall).  You'll have to install Xcode first from the app store to get the codesign tool.

    codesign --remove-signature '/Applications/ Helper (Renderer).app/Contents/MacOS/Discord Helper (Renderer)'

    If this breaks your Discord (or if you just want to undo it) simply reinstall Discord.


  • Borxy

    +1, I want to use my virtual camm from Ecamm live on Discord.

    I appreciate Melancholy solution but I prefer no to edit any code by myself. I think Discord could easily work on this.

    Thank you.

  • Catt0s

    Something dumb: It works on the web app. Just not the desktop app.

  • jpfeifer14

    Melancholy, I owe you a beer.

  • Jay

    To be clear, recent versions of Zoom DO support virtual cameras without any user modifications. (So perhaps they have built with the Disable Library Validation entitlement.)

    If Zoom can do it, Discord should be able to do it!

    (Insert Zoom security concerns here...but seriously they do have some supposedly good people on their security stuff now.)

  • Eden

    There's no need to install Xcode, you just need to open Terminal to use the codesign utility.

  • TheGentlemanWake

    Melancholy that worked! Thank you!

  • Dudders_95

    Thanks, Melancholy. This code worked for me. Copy and paste into terminal. Revealed all the cameras I needed. 

  • GrandmaKJ

    +1, i'm ancient and want to use snap camera instead of taking the time to put on makeup.

  • Thorstag

    This would also allow the use of NDI cameras

  • niki_30

    sudo codesign --remove-signature /Applications/


    sudo codesign -f -s - /Applications/\ Helper\ \(Renderer\).app/

    It's works for me

  • eros

    Discord, this is essential to many of your users. OBS virtual cam works for zoom and skype. Discord is absolutely fumbling here.

  • Habovh

    I’d like to point out that even some native Apple apps support virtual cams. Final Cut Pro X actually allows using virtual cameras, unlike FaceTime.

    Edit: Also please someone approve my pending comment above, as it contains quite valuable information IMO.

  • jpfeifer14

    You can force it to work by following the directions in the post above. I've never had it break discord, however every few updates it has to be repeated.

  • Habovh

    jpfeifer14 I’m not saying this workaround breaks Discord.
    I’m saying end users should not need to alter binary files on their own, even if they are comfortable with the command line tools.

    Removing cryptographic signatures from binaries and running them as-is may lead unaware users to believe it is safe to do so for any binary file/software.

    While it is relatively safe to do so on an official Discord binary, bypassing cryptographic signatures on other software is usually a bad idea and may lead to arbitrary, unwanted and potentially harmful code execution.

    This is a serious concern that in my opinion should be addressed by Discord directly, by enabling the correct entitlements on the app during signing.

  • Habovh

    Keeping this thread alive. Slack just released an update to the App Store with complete support for virtual cameras. Time to wake up Discord!

    Also please could a moderator approve my pending comment above? It's 3-months old and contains actual information regarding virtual camera support for both developers and users to workaround. Here's the permalink:

  • davemacdo

    Just created an account to add to this thread. Apparently the codesign workarounds described earlier in this thread no longer work with the latest versions of Discord. Perhaps there is another workaround, but on macOS 12.4 and Discord 0.0.266, both of the terminal commands above issue errors.

  • jesse joey james

    made an account to support this 2 year old suggestion. How is this not implemented yet. Vitual webcam/camera's are supported on Windows, but not on mac. Zoom, and other applications do support it. Right now the only reason we're using zoom is because of this. Hard to do a presentation the way we want in Discord.




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