Enable a keybind for turning Camera on/ off in discord



  • kelsoji

    Sounds like a neat feature that could definitely help out when needed. 

  • MEE8

    I would love a feature like this being added (also along with an option to look invisible only to a certain person or group/server).

  • pabl02


  • Jaywilk

    A keybind to toggle video camera on or off (like there exists for screensharing) would be super helpful. I also like Meeshamoon's idea of being able to select who can see your video camera (or screenshare) though I suppose that could always be done without a feature by only using it when in a private call with those people :P

  • ReBeLActual

    Yeah bump again it seems Discord is also very useful as a video chatting app as well. My camera faces my door at an angle so when randoms come deliver things I need to be able to maintain their confidentiality without compromising my place in the call/room. A shortcut would help me cut off the camera, scoop whatever that is up real quick, and hit it right back on.

  • Kirito

    I'm surprised we have screenshare keybind options but not video camera? This seems counter intuitive, easy fix though, Discord devs usually pick up on intuitive stuff really well!

  • carmen 🐘

    Please add this feature !!! 🙏🏽

  • YossiAbyss

    I need this please!

  • SnakeySniper

    This would be really useful actually, especially for keeping privacy in video calls

  • TomGameZ

    This needs to be added

  • banool

    I imagine this is a 10 minute change for a dev, we just need to keep bumping it for them to see this.

  • Wijt

    +1 I was very surprised to see that this doesn't exist. This needs to be added.

  • Unbekanntertyp

    I would really like a feature like that. Was actually just about to write a Thread myself, but saw this one is existing since almost a year now. Please Discord add this feature.

  • GR4V3_

    Add it plz


  • Analogy

    This needs to be a keybind!!!


  • IlyCor3 | Marvin

    Yes please, it's been over a year now.

    Please just implement it, it can't be that hard!

  • MartinAmazing

    I too am frustrated by the lack of this feature.

  • xoxtex

    Discord Please!


  • Testpersoncpedc

    Discord Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease add this feature it would be so helpful!

  • ronanjmc

    this feature would be really handy, I like being able to mute/unmute using my own keybind when I'm using another program but I always have to go back to discord to turn on/off video

  • -Karma-

    The fact that something this simple and easy to code into the app has not yet been implemented blows my mind. Come on Discord management & developers, please put this in your next update. Bump bump...

  • U know what I bet needs to happen for this to become a thing. A person who can post on Discord's Twitter needs to mention this post, I have already done so twice and I have never gotten a reply about it. Someone with a status can post on their Twitter directly instead of messaging them, that's what needs to happen in order for them to read this. It's sad too admit but I bet it'll work (hopefully...)


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