Reporting an underage user.



  • nutella

    1. You have no proof.

    2. Look at the section you are in, this is the API section.

    3. Hypesquad Events or just regular Hypesquad?

  • drake_duh_n0⃣0⃣b

    You have no proof. Discord does not ban users unless they have evidence a user is likely under 13 (such as mentioning own age).

    > She has hype squad and is very sensitive with cursing, dark jokes and people correct their grammar. I think you should deal with her.

    This isn't against Discord TOS.

  • pxpcandy

    Lol, you don't have any proof so why would you report them? Don't report a user just because you think they're underage.

    The blocking I can explain- she doesn't want to be called under the age of 13 and you're just annoying her about it. Just leave her alone lol.

  • Major

    If you have any type of message id which showcases her admitting to being -13 submit a report to discord 

    If you do not, I'd simply recommend informing any server mods (which share a server with you and her) that she has a high chance  of being -13, so if she does admit to being -13 that the mods will take appropriate action and report the user to discord (while banning the user.)


  • Hxgonic

    Im having the same problem, except i do have message id's with another account.
    the proof is high with the
    constant lying
    admittance that he/she is 8 years old
    and when i said that he/she is underage, instantly said something along the lines of
    *oop meant to say 14 xd*

    Is there any easier ways to reporting people on discord PC?

  • Kevin/>

    there is this dude that says he's 12 and actually sounds like 10 and he's in a discord servers with people older than him and he's getting bullied in those servers and he's not having a good behaviour.
    his code is 747019107760603158.

  • Major

    Submit a report to discord then, this is the API section of discord and is not meant for reporting individual users.


  • PiggyPlex

    a) "seems about" isn't really good enough. Also, it's hard to get actual "proof" of someone being underage, except for them explicitly stating that. Discord cannot and should not judge a user's age based on an image of them, so that wouldn't work. Discord staff also generally don't do much about a general claim that a user's self is underage, as they could be joking or could be lying about their age for whatever reason.

    b) You are in the API section: multiple users have already said this.

    c) "please take my word about it" definitely works on a platform such as Discord...

  • jimin’s jams

    Hey! •【FourDream~】•#8384 is 9-10 years old, she said in a group chat and she is really concerning, she post pictures of cupcest regularly and blocked me for speaking out on it 

    I'm in the midst of trying to find the evidence but its from Jan-March this year so it will take a long time but i will try to find it asap 

    Blue- Me

    Orange- My friend (has contact with Four dreams)

    Brown- Four dreams's name

  • Detiny Child

    ive found an underage user in discord, and i would like to report them. i have an image of the messages that show as proof.

  • FNTVortex

    THERE IS THIS KID IN MWAD SERVER (MY UNCLE) 536958155318493185 HE IS UNDERAGED HE SPOKE IN VC AND SAID HE WAS IN 5th Grade HIS DISCORD ID is 674778377760014377 this makes him 10 since he was born in Decemnber!!!

  • HamstAr

    eg my friend sent his bday cake and his acc got banned cuz 12 year old candles

  • Vladimir Fucking Putin ☭

    So i found this guy that said he's 11 Jp#7443

  • Major

    Submit a report to discord, this is the API section of discord and is not meant for reporting individual users.


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