option to make back button open AND close channel drawer



  • I agree, it seems pointless to not include closing it as an option, since they half implemented it by default. Apparently usability takes a backseat to making everything look like tinder.

  • jswedler

    I have the muscle memory of hitting back to open the channel drawer to see if other channels have new messages, and hitting back again if I want to stay on the same channel. The 2nd back exiting is driving me nuts so far.

  • Graffittisky

    Agree with op. Please put back option at least. 2nd back is muscle memory and really affected my discord experience

  • salyyn

    Agreed with the above. Hate having the muscle memory of tapping once to open and again to close the drawer but instead closing the whole damn app. Give us back the option like we used to. Its honestly annoying enough to drop nitro over

  • Joshawott15

    Please, please, please, please, please bring this feature back. I've gotten so used to it and loved it a lot, now that it's gone, I keep accidentally exiting the app.


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