call goes quiet but not dropped



  • Weiss

    This is happening to me too! It started back in March for me, and it's driving me nuts. It's been in both private calls and group calls, and it's actually making me miss conversation because it's only happening on my end, and I'm on mobile. I think it's a mobile issue because my friends and my significant other will be on PC. I tried contacting discord about it and they we're trying to ask me about desktop client when I only have mobile.

  • Dusty

    so this is what they sent me it didn't help on my end but maybe it will help you. fingers crossed.

    I'm sorry about that. Do you mind enabling the "Call mode" and see if it helps? Could you also try changing the Low-latency Harware Acceleration as well? If those didn't help, hopefully disabling the Noise suppression will help.


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