Awards, Badges, Consumables, etc.



  • nutella

    > where server admins could create content to give out to their users as a thank you, reward, game, whatever... 

    why would server admins even care about doing that? it doesn't give them anything, it's just a reward for having nitro which server admins have no reason to give stuff for.

    if you mean server boosting you already have a role for that which basically means you can do whatever you want

  • AtThatTime

    Server Admins should care for their community, and it also gives members an intensive purpose to be active. Most people will do things if there's a reward involved and I think something like a server only badges section would be nice. For instance, having a badge that is only view-able in that server for like "1 Year member" or a customisation for sever-badge's so members can show off cool badges they've earned over time.

  • Evizu

    I agree. I run a Discord server and it would be nice to reward my members, mods ect. with stuff.


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