The new layout is annoying on tablets



  • ArceusZer035

    I use Discord on landscape mode for tablets, which was very easy for me to navigate between servers and chats. This new update does the opposite of that and has made it harder for me to use. It was bad enough before this update editing my comment required me find an invisible line to pull up options behind my home/back button of my tablet. But yeah can we fix this current layout it's very unappealing to tablet users.

  • cschepers

    I use the Android app on a Chromebook and agree that this latest update is pretty bad.  Right now I have the choice of a squished web browser interface or a widescreen phone app designed for touch.  Neither option is a particularly happy experience.  The old Android tablet layout with multiple fixed panes is by far preferable for large/wide screens.

    To be fair, I actually like the new layout on phone.  The sliding tabs work well for me there.

  • rendub

    I agree, it's absoutely horrible to use with Samsung Dex. Please reintroduce the tablet layout with servers/channels/users visible at all times.

  • /PanPernicek/

    I agree, maybe add it as option?

  • Oppa Is Here

    I agree. Please make a better interface for tablet users. DISCORD is often unusable when using samsung dex or using it it portrait mode

  • A Musician Weeb

    I am very much agree with this. most of people use discord on tablet in landscape anyway. So why they updated to swipe everytime i want to see a channel and user. Plus it is such a wasted of screen space

    I try making this in photoshop, and look how much space they wasted in landscape mode. 

    As a tablet user, I would love to have a tablet layout set as an option.


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