Free Discord Boosting bot



  • Clutchie Cluckies 😂

    Its a server nuker bot. The bot just spams the link and sends it to everybody in the server.

  • Amelia 333

    Weird today I got a message like this but the bot is actually verified

  • SnowBall444

    Amelia 333, a verified bot could be hacked. In these days you can see many Free Discord Nitro links but do NOT click on of those because you can be hacked.

  • ThatOneWhiteKnight

    Free Discord Nitro links are almost never legitimate. Even if you get this link from a friend, it can still be dangerous, since it can mean that your friend was already hacked by this Trojan. Discord Nitro is usually gifted as an image embed, designed by Discord. If you do get this from a friend and you are not sure, message them and see if they respond. If they do, they'll usually react in a way of confusion, as they know that they don't remember sending you the link in the first place. They'll probably tell you that they also got the exact same link from a friend and clicked on it.

    P.S. The only way I think that Discord has "sent out" free Nitro was a Christmas/Holidays giveaway, in which you could gift your friend a free Discord Nitro Subscription, whoch lasted a month. 

  • quinnet

    i think what happened was the bot is a scam and the scammer put nitro in it for nothing because the bot isn't verified

  • Reclipped

    The bot was fake, I did a test on a server it created a role and invited someone, and then it stayed for a whole week but yet no nitro sometimes as you try to text them one of the other bots said the channel must have 5 plus members on, they just reply servers to join

  • ||Vandinar||

    I got this thing to but it is not even my birthday, I reported  the bot.

  • a grey cat

    I received a message from this bot called Blade, it said I won 14 free server  boosts, this is the message 

  • quinnet

    don't trust scam bots, they want you to make them join your server or they have a scam link like "discord.(blablabla)" or something even if they are verified
    trust me, i got scammed once before

  • Stolas

    scam or not?

  • サケケケケ


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