Please release a build of the Discord application that is compatible with Raspbian on Raspberry Pi 4



  • timber

    I agree with that there seems to be a community that needs this I use the raspberry pi 3b and have really needed to install it on there.

  • gromitnz

    Yes please!!!

    I am investigating using a Pi for an RDP client for remote work from home in lock-down, and we use Discord for comms, so having both on the same unit would be magical!!

  • ForgottnLink

    I would very much like to see it for Raspbian so i can use it on my pi 4.

  • Johnodon

    I’m also in need of a compatible version of discord for the raspberry pi 4. I’ve tried installing 64 bit OS but still no success even after hacking the setupwfc and hinst files

  • 3than

    This needs to happen. It would be so cool to host custom discord bots on a raspberry pi

  • Bo Vandenberg [utc -5]

    Yes please.

    Raspberry PI's run on ARM processors that need a different compiler than X86 systems. 

  • Botspot

    Recently I made an app store for the Raspberry Pi. It's called Pi-Apps.

    As you can see, Discord is available in the list, as well as many other useful apps.

    I use this Discord desktop app on my RPi4, and performance is excellent!

  • Amelia (Mia)

    Yes, please! And preferable with an option to make it lighter to run on a Raspberry Pi 3B for example. "Potato PC"-toggle or something that reduces animations and junk.


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