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  • Suskeyhose

    This becomes an even nicer suggestion if message permalinks eventually include embeds which show the message in question.

    Additionally, you could optionally include a message like "Continuing in #new-channel" on the channel moved away from when send is hit on this new message, which would allow others to follow along with the conversation.

  • Joelle (Lonkelle)

    The reply feature is great, but now users can't move their conversations between text channels.

  • peribirb

    This would be a tremendously useful feature for seamlessly moving conversations between channels, like when conversations get too heavy and you want to move them to a more appropriate channel without having to announce the move or anything.

  • David

    I need this badly. I have a press release channel and I don't want it cluttered with conversation about the statement, but I do want people to be able to reference it

  • Rrezon Pllana

    Creating this reply method - in that way that we can reply in other channels the same way we reply to the actual channel -  will help us keep channels more organized for new users that join our servers.

  • crmsn

    Yes please. I also just searched 'replying in different channel' and found this hahaha

  • Qwerty

    Wow, this is such a useful feature that I am surprised this is not requested more.

  • QuadRadical

    I completely agree

  • LorentzForces

    This would be absolutely brilliant - once a server scales up with a large number of users and channels, it would be EXTREMELY useful to be able to start moving conversations to appropriate channels once they become bigger than quick asides.

  • Vash

    +1 This will be must have option with reply feature 

  • SirStarshine

    This is an excellent suggestion, and I don't know why we don't have it already! Like replying to a general channel message with artwork in a media channel, or when a discussion takes a certain turn take it to a mature channel while keeping it easy to follow.

  • Code

    Also need this feature. Trying to announce winners and referencing their posts from another channel makes the announcement post look ugly with tons of long text hyper-links.

  • Stocc

    Throw my support on the pile. This is an excellent feature suggestion.

  • blurryhotsauce

    Agreed, please make this a thing


    i can only highlight this once again: it makes so much sense when you have channels for different topics!

  • Rimidal

    +1 bump this would be a great feature when people chat in the wrong channel.

    Need to be able to Quote Reply + continue conversation in another channel.

    Just add a way to copy the quoted text and problem solved. You could this very simply on BB forums for the past 20+ years, you just copy the [quote] [/quote] parts of the message and can reply anywhere.

  • TurboGofre

    Nice feature proposal.

  • TrashTrash

    Bump, trying to have an announcements channel get cluttered with people replying to the announcement really ain't it.

  • DaveDrinkingCoffee

    I also need this. I want one channel to only have certain content, but I want to discuss this content in another channel.

  • mouradif

    I found this thread by googling "discord reply to a message in another channel". Need this badly for the exact same use-case as stated by the others. Allowing people to have conversations about announcements made in a read-only channel

  • stitchk


    Please make this happen! I need this to reply to a suggestion, in a read-only, in the discussion channel D:

  • ElDark258

    Indeed! We're all in dire need of this feature... I'm community moderator for a couple servers, one of which has a rather large-ish audience, so we definitely want to keep it clean and simple :)

  • Shelon

    +1 hopefully the team implement this feature soon

  • ReneP

    I searched for this as well, could have used it several times in ma short Discort History.

  • SK¥Ξ_X

    I'd really like to see this feature implemented, it would be very useful on servers with many channels.

  • Jackylein

    The idea isn't a bad one.

    I posted my opinion and suggestion on this topic in this suggestion thread: Let me know what you think about it...

  • Spoilt

    This, or automatically create an embed when a message permalink is posted would be nice

  • Rikard

    Adding my voice to the "this would be useful" chorus.

  • HayaseNagatoro

    +1 me to, i'm for.


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