Make Role Categories



  • pxpcandy

    This sound like a good idea but you can separate the roles by category by creating a role with the category name

  • Techno1Monkey
    You can create roles categories using bars:




    It's not what you're asking, but I think it will help you a lot with this.
  • Baanlöh

    It's a good idea. Especially when you have bots that automatically generate roles.

  • Techno1Monkey

    That's true, but if the bot automatically generate roles. He also automatically put the roles in a non category

  • Hydra™

    I'm not talking about a separate role with just lines in it. I'm talking about legit categories with sub roles to separate it on the members list

  • MilSci

    I think this is a phenomenal idea, e.g. you could have in roles the categories, "Staff", "Members", and "Developers". The question here is, whether those categories are going to be actual roles, or just category names.

    Option 1 (Actual Roles)

    If the roles on top are actual roles, in my opinion, they should be editable to the fullest extent that roles naturally are, however, by default the "Display Role Members Separately From Online Members" should be enabled. Underneath these category roles are the other sub roles that are normal that you can give to users and have fun with.

    Option 2 (Category Names)

    The category names would just be names and not roles, then you would just a have a list of roles underneath each category.


    API Difficulties

    Going with the API, it would be difficult to determine role position, because the categories would have to have a ranking system, so the role positions would be able to be edited too. Maybe having categories be listed with priority? The idea needs a little bit of further clarification on what would happen.

  • Pancham


    How do you make the role category?



  • Coda

    there is a feature request here with already over 150 votes:


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