can we get an undo on this new UI for discord mobile please



  • TakingAbreak

    THIS, pretty much
    Instead of improving now it's counter intuitive to use it on mobile
    Mentioning someone while tapping their icon pops up their profile
    The back button lost it's shortcut and the behaviour can't be customized anymore
    also, it is so sensitive that it makes the menu at the sides appear instead of scrolling up or down

  • VoidWalkerZ

    I agree with this completely!

    The new layout of discord completely sucks. For one I dont like having the chat, server members, and server/channel list on different panels. The main reason being I like to be able to see what is in the chat while I am looking at either of the other two, and also now you have to pull the member list all the way over to know who is online.

    Please fix this!!

  • Geminaurum

    god i thought i was alone here, ever since the update i keep getting nauseous and not being able to focus on conversation at all. discord is the only platform i can currently use to talk to my friends when i need a way to relax but now even trying to do that makes me physically sick. there is literally no good reason to make every single word on the screen move along with the sidebar, among other things that i HOPE are just bugs.

  • Shadow_8472

    This update makes the mobile app inaccessible for the Autistic community. What used to be the background is now the foreground and the new background conflicts with itself. We have no fixed frame of reference anymore. 

  • Gahone

    Instead of improving problems with different voice levels in voice chat, making the quote function great finally or overall adding nice new wanted features like custom emojis in channel names or roles,
    The graphic designers seemingly have nothing to do. So they decide to completely destroy one of the best interfaces a "messenger" has ever had.

    Give in, your new ui just sucks.
    Why are small pictures on mobile now scaled up to a size that doesn't even fit in the phonescreen? Why is everything taking so much space that you barely get an overview over anything? Why are you messing around with rounded edges on pictures, instead of getting the quote function presented nicely?
    Why why why....

  • Inky Artist Wolf

    Discord is crumbling to bit and pieces because they would rather have a "sleek" and "modern" look rather than a functioning, perfectly fine UI that it had before hand. First drawers get taken away. Then calls become so finicky with the squares when people are streaming. There's no end to these disgusting and unneeded discord updates.

  • This is very similar to what happened to vrchat with all of those changes they added. Basically everyone complained about it.


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