UI Changes on Mobile - What about us Users??



  • Samoose

    I completely agree. I saw this update today, and was quite surprised how much of a step back it feels. I was comparing some of the differences in the updates, and things that normally took 1 or two taps, now take 3 or more. Why are pinned messages hidden behind multiple taps now? Why does it now take 2 extra taps to change your status? Why does it pop up a huge bar on the bottom of the screen with buttons? So many questions about an unnecessary UI revamp that didn't really need to happen.

  • QMax

    Yeah I agree. The app feels super inefficient and you have to swipe a whole page to the side to go to different channels. Doing anything takes forever and the old UI was nearly perfect in comparison to this. There was no need for it to change like this.

  • not klug

    I agree wholeheartedly. I've gone and started a hashtag #NotMyPlaceToTalk that protests the v20.4 "Tabs" UI. Feel free to use the hashtag to put your two cents in and talk about your Discord app struggles. https://mobile.twitter.com/ItsSpelledHALEY/status/1278307838754844673


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