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  • 🔥Firelight🔥

    XAE, your account is disabled either because you wanted it disabled or you violated the ToS/Code of Conduct with Discord. If you disabled it yourself then you can log in and it will tell you it is disabled and ask you if you wish to enable the account. However if it does not give you this option then it means you did something wrong and your account is likely being deleted. Make sure to contact Discord about this to figure out what is going on.

  • XAE

    Hi Firelight,

    Discord said I violated ToS, but I didn't do anything. I'm trying to clear up this misunderstanding, since Discord disabled my account by accident. Clearing up this misunderstanding has been difficult, since Discord representatives aren't responding, and they're sending Clyde bot to answer, which has been unhelpful because Clyde bot only says the same message over and over.

    You said "Make sure to contact Discord about this", but how do I contact them without Clyde bot getting in the way? I heard someone had their account disabled by Discord by accident, but got it back in 6 hours. It has been nearly 60 hours and I still don't have my account back. What can I do?


  • 🔥Firelight🔥

    Tap your profile image at the top right of your screen then go to "Submit a request" then pick the "Account Lockout" in Help and Support I believe. Due to the delay in responses you may have to wait 5 days max. If the delay wasnt in effect then you'd wait less than 24hrs.

  • Beatrice ▽

    Hello there,

    I'm so sorry to hear that. However, you cannot get support here, you can send your support ticket to the Trust & Safety team at

    Or you can directly contact via e-mail

    Best Regards,

  • tamer

    When I register the phone number, it does not send me the code An existing Discord account is already using this number. Please remove it before it can be used with a new account. B043 This message is sent

  • Titan Montroy



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