Please, please just undo all the ui changes



  • Shadow_8472

    I know exactly how you feel. Before, we had a consistent reference frame and the panels were actually to the left and right. Now, the whole chat window moves, and it feels WRONG, like if there's a high speed train and the tracks were teleported to the side. I hardly ever use the right side panel, so why would I want to access it from the middle of all places?

    I think I know what they are trying to do with the new UI, I have given it some thought, and I stil hate it because it is less accessible.

  • saher

    This is just one big fat massive bruh moment.

    Them devs at Discord couldn't care less about their users' feedback.

    Remember how long did it take them to implement something so simple as a pure black theme, which was highly requested by almost every user ever?

    A: literally a year.

    p.s. also I agree with this or better yet, a little button in the settings which could switch between the Legacy ui and ... whatever this mess of a ui is

  • Agree 100%

    Please undo the latest Android update of the UI devs, you've ruined it!

  • not klug

    I agree wholeheartedly. In fact, I've started the hashtag #NotMyPlaceToTalk. Please spread awareness of this initiative—to make Discord’s mobile app usable, fast, and accessible again.


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