Welcome messages and Server Boosts



  • Crypto

    Agreed. It would make it way better, but possible do it as an option. So you tick a box then it allows two channels for them and untick it to have one channel.

  • TheNewFishy

    Actually the amount of boosts you get its not needed. You could just name the channel "Server Messages" and it could be sent there, boosts are not as regular as new members. So no its not worth making.  

  • R E G E X

    Would have it a lot neater and separate the new comers and the boosters. Would bring better attention to those who show effort and boost the server.

  • karanzkingz

    Yes I like the discord welcome messages more than any other bots but I would also like the boost messages to be in another channel so they get fair recognition for boosting the server. Otherwise the boost message just gets lost in the welcome messages.

  • ÆS | ZÉRØ

    There is a solution for this problem tho. 

    Make a channel called server boosts and choose in the settings. Welcome messages can be made with Pro bot or MEE6 or any other bot you would like <3 

  • karanzkingz

    That's the point. I don't want welcome messages from any bot. The default discord welcome messages are the best and I want that only.
    And a separate channel for welcome and boosts would easily solve the problem. @Aeszeroalpha

  • Biblical Veracity

    Yes, this should definitely be implemented.

  • Svetenana

    Is it possible to choose the monster that we can welcome and wave to people? I really don't want to use the orange one, since it seems to vibrate so much. Someone else also complained to me and didn't want to use this one to wave to me. Maybe I just don't know how to select a different monster to wave hello to people so maybe you can help me here. 


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