still no push notifications on android



  • not klug

    Check your system notification settings on your phone's system app.

    Also, 6 is a pretty old version of Android. While utility apps like Discord should, by all means, run on these old versions, it would do well to update to 8 at least.

  • Frunzi

    I did that everything is still set so that it should work. I never had any problems before 😅 also my phone is pretty old so I don't think I can update the android version

  • #NotMyPlaceToTalk

    Could be another one of many many things that v21 broke. If you can't resolve this problem, you should uninstall the app and install an older version from apkmirror or apkpure. v15 is recommended

  • eSonOfAnder

    There are so many bugs with PN from Discord on Android. Here are just a few things that will trigger them not showing up:

    1. Having the app in the foreground when you lock your phone / turn the screen off via the power button.
    2. Being logged on to any other device at all (Discord will decide randomly whether it will send a notification anywhere in this instance; more often than not to no device.)
    3. Discord app disconnecting from their server. There is no way to know this has happened until you try to send a message and it fails or you open a chat / server channel and see that it isn't loading messages that you know exist.

    Also, sometimes, they just don't send them. At all. For no reason. Discord on Android has become entirely useless recently, and this is just one symptom. Don't bother submitting a support request for it - I've had one open on the PN issue for months now, and it is just being ignored.


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