• lsass.exe

    If you figure out how they reset each day, and find a way to replicate it. You can report that on the bug report Trello. 

  • illidan

    They are gone randomly. The support says "logging out or clearing the cache might delete them". Welp, I neither log out nor clear the cache and they're just *poof*. Gone forever. Go figure.

    Might as well start downloading the gifs on your device again cause this feature is unreliable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    I experienced the issue, and while It happened after I logged in and out, what is odd is that It wasnt the first time I did. I have logged in and out, had to restart discord, had restarts of my PC, and even whole updates and all that, and this has never happened once to me. now, just yesterday, for no clear reason, they decide to go. really demorlizing when it was like 2+ years of gifs.


  • Wolfsumi

    I feel like there should be a recent fav thing or somethin like that just in case all the favorits delete I had so many but now I have to find them again. I haven't gotten logged out or anything which is weird. They should atleast make it to where they don't delete unless u clear them urself. (sorry if this turn out rude) -w-


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