New "Sliding Panels" for chat & channels can induce nausea.



  • Chagmen

    I'm also someone who dislikes this modification. Even though I can take epileptic moments without getting even the slightest affected, the way this layers out on Android hurts my eyes and the perception of it just makes me want to uninstall it.

    This post has my upvote due to being a negatively affected user.

  • I am experiencing the exact same issue! The forced sliding movement makes me get dizzy/nauseated easily and is NOT user friendly.

    @Devs! Please get rid of this new sliding panel style and bring back the static drawer-like ui design! This makes using Discord on a tablet physically painfull for me!

  • 🌷Caligena🌷

    Something else I've discovered about the sliding panels is that while I'm scrolling through chat, it will sometimes try and slide to the next panel, interrupting me with a wave of motion sickness, on top of being frustrating. It also happens when I attempt to hit the send button.

  • yak

    I completely agree with this sentiment. While I don't get nausea, I find the sliding animations very distracting. It was an unnecessary change.

  • HopeIsAnIllusion

    I also don't like these sliding panels. People have been complaining about it on the app store but instead of listening to it's users, it decides to send an unwelcoming automated message that has a broken link to the reasons why they changed it. And those reasons weren't good ones. The UI is now clunky, slow, distracting, and a lot of people agree it's not user friendly. Please revert the changes, and make discord a safe place for everyone who uses it, not just the people who don't complain about the trash update.


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