Discount or badge for nitro gifters



  • Encription


    I don't think a discount would be fair because people would resell them for a profit but a badge would be very cool like twitch has for people that gift subs i really love this idea.


    edit: a badge for people that gift 1 nitro 5 nitros 10 nitros 50+ nitros should have badges that change kind of like the server boosting badge

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  • HyperKei

    This is possible the most stupid thing I've heard. You're gifting people nitro at your own accord and expect to be rewarded with a badge to show off that you're a 'good' person? When giving something to someone you should never expect something in return it's just plane wrong.
    Also a discount is just never gonna happen since it basicly defeats the purpose of selling nitro at a set price.

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  • MrKafr

    Who is telling that i expect something for it? I do it for months without any reward or even thinking about it before now so why are you so offensive? I dont know what are you compensating by being so triggered but no, I dont expect something, but i still think that this is good idea even because it will make more people gift nitro which makes more money for discord which makes discord able to invest more to this platform.

    I don't know what your dreamy ideas are, but discords get all its money from nitro and thats mean that if people buy/gift more nitro, discord will have more money.

    And yes, as the Enscription said, discount wouldnt be fair because reselling. But as you see, it can be written in good manner, not like you.

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