Self Bots (They're not always malicious!)



  • SarahK

    Can you explain what you mean by "self-bot"?

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  • advaith

    Self-bots are bots that run on your own user account and only respond to your own messages (basically a user's personal bot that works in all servers), they used to be very common but are no longer allowed

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  • MrKafr

    This cam be abused too much. People dont know if you are bot or not. As i programmer I would too, be very glad to see this, but considering all risks, i dont think that his is gonna happen.

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  • slimeenergy

    If they were to roll out a custom type of API key for self bots, discord could add an indicator for self bots.

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  • The_Voltis

    There is already an API for discord bots.


    There is no interet in 2 API for 1 service.

    If discord allow selfbots, they will have limitation, and selfbots will be normal discord bots.

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