CpcdosC+ language



  • Chrapati

    I have been developing my OS for 2 years now and so far I am satisfied with this simple language. When I need help on discord, it is true that a syntax highlighting could make everything much more readable when it comes to seeing where there were programming errors. If the CpcdosC+ is added in discord, this would be a great advance for the community but also it will help beginners to detect their programming errors with this language.

    Chrapati, creator of the Project Cheddar operating system project

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  • moneymaker666

    +1 I support the adding of CpcdosC+

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  • Meaxy

    Hello! Since I created my operating system named ElieOS in November 2018, I have always put plots of my code to get help or since the last year to help those who have misery like Project Cheddar for example , I always have the pleasure of helping with my knowledge of CpcdosC + but having the hight-light would be much better to be able to see the code better and would be more obvious, having more experience in CpcdosC + since I am there I know! So I encourage the integration of Cpcdos language under Discord !!

    Meaxy creator of ElieOS

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