Allow the API to custumise the Keybinds (Key binds)



  • Rocstar

    I have 3 bots, and use a lot of bots, maybe you have not understand what I mean. I don't say "every bot will be forced to use keybinds". I said about allow bots to create new customised keybinds. That means if you use tatsumaki for example and tatsumaki allows you to keybind the ``t!daily`` command. So you keybind the daily command to the "o" for the server "x" if you are on the channel "bots". So when you type "o" on "bots" when you are on sever "x" you will receive the "t!daily" answer without send any message on chat. 

  • Rocstar

    So if you need to pause one music of bot "A" you can set a keybind for this. You can set the same keybind for this bot stops the music globally, on an specific server or in an specific channel. Therefore, if you want that whenever you press "s", you will stops the song and you want it to happen only when you are on a voip channel, just configure the keybind "s" to stop the music on all guilds that you and that bot are in.

  • Voltis

    well ...


    It's not very hard to remeber :/

    And, that's mean, discord should send every Keybinds to every bots in a server ?
    Imagine on !

    I think you never dev any discord bots, beacause every potential solution have a problem


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