Profile Followers.



  • Harry

    Announcement channels (not to be confused with regular text channels titled "announcements") already serve this purpose.

  • Valknyx

    Uhhhhh no...sorry 2 different things we're talking about here. Take that to another post.

  • Harry

    Sorry, got tired of trying to figure out what exactly you want. Mind giving a more defined example?

    People follow Discord streamers by joining their server and leaving notifications on, that way they will find out when the streamer is live. It sounds like that's already a solution to the functionality of your idea. As for community aspect and follower count, without the functionality it's just another cosmetic feature, but I suppose isn't strictly bad. Just doesn't seem worthwhile to add when servers already serve those purposes, and I'm not sure there's much you could think of that people aren't already doing with servers.

    By the way, when you say "positivity within your account", I assume you're referring to reputation and respect?


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