More Roles as Nitro Perk



  • Voltis

    Nobbody use more than 100 roles.

    Maybe you must be more carefull with role creation

  • Amon

    Oh, so you can speak for everybody?!
    Glad to meet you, owner of the other 99% of the Discord server.

    We have kind of a Dating server and our roles synced with the website.
    Just for gender, orientation and country (yes language associations to specific channel in a certain language is a thing) are not enough roles avaliable.

    Even countries on their own pushes this to the limit.
    I'm not the only one with this problem and I know heaps of admins with similar dating related topics who have the same troubles.

    I didn't even started with our whole economy and XP system and all the other stuff like badges you can unlock.

    It's okay that you don't need it, but stop to speak for "everyone" else!

  • Voltis

    First I hope your dating project is going well ^^

    Next, I was talking about my personal experience, or I had never heard of this limit. I had time to think w and it's true that 250 emojis ... :/ Maybe the emojis of the 2nd Boost level should be replaced by + 50 roles?

    I'm sorry if I was rude ... (Besides, the project will interest me, it would be possible that you send me the link? The_Voltis#1234)

    Have a good day (or night, It depends on where you live)

  • Amon

    Hi The_Voltis,
    thanks for your reply and even re-thinking it, most people would have just ignored it and didn't even take the time to reply / think about it. Sorry if I was a bit upset myself, I just always get a bit pissed if people think they need to speak for everybody.
    I'm totally fine with (your or any other) personal experience or personal needs.

    I will send you a friend request on Discord


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