please add disable video to mobile context menu



  • Neodidymos

    An option to turn off other users' video is really necessary to preserve my Internet connection on my phone.

  • Jay

    To be slightly more specific, best would be to, after a user selects another user and clicks a new Disable Video choice in the user's context menu, not send any video data for that user's video stream. Second best would be to still send the data but just not show it.

    This is needed for all mobile apps, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

    You can Mute Voice for a given user fine but not Disable Video. Please add.

  • trufuller

    This functionality is profoundly needed on mobile. I literally cannot participate when other people are streaming video on my phone. On my phone, I just want to be able to go voice only.

  • Haz

    This is such a big issue for me. My data is one of my biggest priorities. Having people video streaming forces me to not join the calls.

  • Haz

    I'm so confused with this feedback being 9 months ago, how has this issue not been solved yet.

  • Steel Wheel

    Pretty disgraceful this hasn't been fixed yet. It's the only problem ive been hearing people complain about for months

  • Artax


  • Koubiac

    Maintenant un an que le sujet est ouvert et aucune réponse du support ! Est-ce du mépris ou avez vous un intérêt spécifique à ce que vos utilisateurs soit forcés à consommer des données mobile ?

    je vais donc suspendre mon abonnement NITRO en attendant une pseudo réaction de votre part et j'encourage tous le monde à en faire autant et à bien vous le signifier.

  • Kings

    Please implement this on mobile I have to tell my freinds not to video when I'm out and about because it will literally kick me out the call and makes discord on mobile unusable


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