Sound during screenshare on mac



  • jpfeifer14

    Been going through the threads and seeing this same request for YEARS. That's incredibly disappointing.


  • Zenlights

    Been wanting this for a long time!

  • eviltwin

    I was just about to make this request in a new post when this post came up. Upvoted, commenting, submitted a support ticket, tweeted them, and maybe I’ll make that new post for good measure.

  • littlecloudflower

    Same - I've been trying to transition my classroom to Discord, but that's the one major obstacle in the way. I suppose I still have to depend on Zoom for now. But it's disappointing since Discord is so promising. 

    Have any of you been able to find a workaround? I’ve tried to download apps like Background Music and Soundflower - the only thing that has sort of worked is Background Music, but then they can’t hear me speaking at the same time.

  • jpfeifer14

    I purchased manycam, which solves many of the problems, but it's pricey and still has some issues. It's super annoying that they rebranded as this universal communication system but they aren't...and this has supposedly been an issue for years. One of their team members said that it was difficult to share sound on a Mac, and I pointed out that zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook rooms, etc figured it out. It just sounded like an excuse to ignore the problem.

  • suchipi2

    Please please please. Partner with someone to make the driver if you have to (like how you did with Krisp).

  • jpfeifer14

    Well, Microsoft is buying Discord so, no, this won't be fixed.


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