Game Activity - We should be able to choose what is shown on our profiles



  • yaboired

    As far as I understand, the application Discord shows as your current game activity is always determined by which window is in focus. If you have Spotify, Firefox, and a game open, but the game is in focus, the game displays as the current activity.

    Take that with a grain of salt, though, since I'm basing it off of a relatively small amount of experimentation on my part.

  • maur

    It does work like that but what I suggest is that this feature be changed so that Discord would display what you want, not what you're currently doing. It would be like combining the custom status feature and game activity so that it's more user-friendly. Its main use would be to hide your activity from all the servers you're in while not having to turn off "Display currently running game as a status message." or letting people get that "Playing ... for 6 days" status message.

    Another possibility is to add a hidden timer to all the programs that you have added to your game activity list which will keep counting the hours even when a certain window isn't currently focused which will then switch your status message according to the window you've focused and display the corresponding play time.


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