© Boosting Event #1784



  • Hanne

    It's most likely a scam, don't click on links sent by strangers, verified bots have a different BOT tag. Just block and go on with your day.


    What this bot does is you invite him to your server and it gets all permissions, he then proceeds to just take over the discord

  • YeGo

    Yeah i had the same message too and i ignored it .


    And now it is threatening me , this scam is epic xD


  • Angelique

    i also got the same thing, it was something named Boosting Event. I dunno. It says its a verified bot. But really, dunno what to do?

  • I∩ Bµlk

    I cant tell if its fake or not cuz it gifted me 1 year nitro but theres a like and when I clicked on it, it wanted me to pick a server for it to go to. 


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