Favorite Emojis



  • Lilith, Weapon of Mass Seduction

    Ditto this. Also a Recently Used Emojis category would be helpful.

  • FrankieMur

    Voting for this. Frequently used tends to glitch out and drop them. If I could select my favorites that would be awesome sauce. 

  • dennydevito

    With so many emoji to choose from it is frustrating to have to keep going back to the different sections for each server and find the ones you want every single time. 

    Frequently used emoji continually change and from my experiences are also pretty inconsistent, i would like to see the a feature like a tick box in settings to show/hide favourite emoji or similar.

    Then with the emoji you have available, being able to right click and 'add to favourites', so all the emoji you want and like using are all there in the one place.

    I feel this would make Discord much more efficient to use

  • Fluffy

    Gonna bring this back up, I would love it if the favorite emojis were account saved instead of a localized save on the device that you have set them up on. I hate losing out on them when I move from my laptop to my phone and vice versa. 


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