FreeBSD Support for Discord App



  • breakone9r

    I've gotten the app to run in Linux binary compat mode, but some things still aren't working. Namely voice chat and streaming.

    Since electron vers 4 5 and 7 are in ports, it shouldn't be too difficult for the devs to package up a native binary now.

  • CeDeROM

    +1 as it would be really great t ohave native desktop app on FreeBSD.. people are moving away from Facebook and Google so this is a good time to gain some new community :-)

  • Nurgelrot

    Following... Just adding my voice to the desire to see this native on FreeBSD.

  • Aleхander88207

    Same, would be nice to see it native.

  • VinceRants

    We have quite the active FreeBSD Discord server setup. But the #1 thing holding us back now is the lack of a native Discord client on FreeBSD!

    Discord devs, please feel free to join our public FreeBSD server. We'd be more than happy to help assist in getting Discord running natively on FreeBSD. If you have questions about the FreeBSD OS, this is the place to get answers from a helpful community as well as several core FreeBSD devs themselves! :)

  • Lady Serena Kitty

    FreeBSD/amd64 native Discord app would be exceedingly useful!

  • geekosupremo

    I’d also love to see a native FreeBSD Discord client!

  • 7ima

    YES! that would be awesome. I just gave up after hours on trying to get Discord desktop client running on FreeBSD through Linux compatibility layer and even if I had succeeded, it wouldn't have run properly (as mentioned above). I'm sure a lot of people, including myself, would be eager to provide any assistance needed in making this happen.

  • JOstreff

    FreeBSD/amd64 native Discord app would be exceedingly useful!

  • Jettison Jerry

    It would be even better if discord allowed 3rd-party clients so this wouldn't even be a problem!

  • little-schemer

    I'd love to see it. Please!

  • jonaslopes

    I use FreeBSD daily to work and it would be nice to have the native Discord App.

  • Asphahyre

    I reeeaaaally really need it too! Take my energy!

  • pinguftw

    I need it too

  • bunself

    I would also really like it

  • phelger

    One more here, would like to be able to close firefox when gaming, would also like to not have to rely on firefox's flaky usb mic interaction. (have to  remove mic permission then reload discord tab to keep talking).


    Also web app can't find wine windows to screencast.


    For what it's worth, i'm adding myself to the list. 

  • Jacob

    Seeing an official FreeBSD discord client would be awesome!

  • Quakeman

    I would love FreeBSD support for discord

  • laffer1

    FreeBSD support would be extremely useful

  • Hercules

    Yea! It would be nice if we can have native Discord support on FreeBSD.

  • RiggedToExplode

    +1 to this! I'm not sure what it entails, but with a native version of electron I would hope it isn't much.

  • strawman2511

    Yeah, I really want to have a Discord client in FreeBSD too.

  • CeDeROM

    As everyone can see the FreeBSD user base is quite large, so many requests, and will increase with time.

    This is also a very good motivation for Electron to port their stuff to FreeBSD. There are lots of other applications that use Electron and all of them ignores FreeBSD / *BSD OS :-(


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