Racism work both ways.



  • LilTea

    "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."  Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream Speach excerpt feels farther away than ever now as the media has pressured everyone into judging people by the color of their skin. Those of you in charge of Discord are playing a part in promoting racism with statements like this. You have even shared blatantly racist "resources" in your statement, sharing "resources" that truly judge people judge by the color of their skin.

  • Eris

    I agree with this, it would have been different if it would have said that ALL LIVES MATTER but nope, just blacks and if you are not black you are bad, especially if you are white...This is racist, what many sadly fail to see is that it goes both ways as you said you said, it goes both ways!!

  • Sashautism

    Closing my account because of the hypocrisy discord is displaying.

    Hypocrisy defintion:
    Learn to pronounce

    noun: hypocrisy; plural noun: hypocrisies

    the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.
    "his target was the hypocrisy of suburban life"

    "Black Lives Don't Matter" to Discord, only trends and popularity. Does discord care for the lives of the millions of black people killed by other black people every single day (vastly more than white killing black, and vice versa). Does Discord care for the lives of the white people killed by Police Brutality (it is a huge problem and it's not just a racial one).

    This is alarming as it will soon bring in censorship on the platform, to anything that they deem as "hateful"; such as saying I disagree with the Black Lives Matter movement. Which I do, but not for the reason everyone likes to say, including buzzwords like White Supremacy.

    Agree with OP: the answer to racial discrimination does not lie in villifying white people because of their race. Normal, every day white people being told they are "subconsciously racist" or have "privelidge", or insinuations that they are bad people just because they are of a certain race, the irony is that, that itself is racial discrimination.

    This pushes more and more centrist white people towards alt-right and truly racist viewpoints because it creates a divide and fuels a will for people to wish to defend themselves. I am absolutely not OK with having a political message displayed on the software client, on my PC, leading to a link filled with one-sided, bias, flawed data based on assumptions and hypocrisy.

    Ultimately, many readers of my comment will flail their arms wildly and scream "Racist!", without reading what I have actually put. Run the data, do the numbers, look at the statistics. It paints a vastly different picture to what the "Black Lives Matter" political movement would like you to believe.

    Ironic, that the liberal movement that villifies white people as racists and supremacists, is moving society towards a fascist future with suppression of opposition, defined by subjective terms twisted by the viewpoint of those who control the platform - in this case, Discord.

    The name is apt, Discord, sowing Discord in the true argument of equality.

    I'm absolutely fed up with having BLM shoved down my throat and being told I have "White Fragility" or I'm "Subconsciously racist", or that because I don't care about skin colour or race (as long as you're an OK person, I really don't care) - that itself is racist for denying the "blackness" of someone, no matter what happens, if you're white, you're racist - and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the divides you create in society by sowing this "white = bad" sentiment.

    Here's one for the record, before I sign off, permanently:

    I don't care about your race. I don't care about your culture, or your history. I don't care about your political viewpoint. If you are a nice person, that's all I care about.

    If that makes me a racist, then I will take the that title and wear it.


  • Queen🪐🛸✨

    Funny nobody said that being white was bad we said that using being white to above people is wrong and no racism can’t be both ways look it up the oppressor cannot oppress do your research lmao “all lives matter” is a terrible phrase bc all lives don’t matter till black lives matter you can complain but whites are not oppressed period.

  • Sashautism

    Racism is the process of discriminating against someone's race. It works both ways, and you obviously haven't seen the material being posted and directed at white people, have you? The hypocritical Social Justice movement redefining words to suit the agenda. Black lives do matter, just like every life matters, and despite Racism being present in modern society, there are other factors in play. Ultimately, as far as law enforcement goes, black people are more likely to be involved in violent crime, this have a higher rate of interacting with the police. The hypocrisy of black lives matter is apparent when you realise that 90% of black murders are by other black people. The moment a white person murders a black person, it's immediately the big, bad white oppression boogyman.

    All lives matter, not just black. If you want to remove racial divides in society, stop creating them. If you want to be treated equally as a race, act like it. Black people are happy to take all white people as "racist oppressors", but the Jimmy entanglement when a white person explains data like crime rates, everyone is up in arms.

  • Sashautism

    Islam promoted slave trade, including African Slaves, yet I don't see anyone up in arms about them. In fact, Islam is the biggest threat to basic human freedoms we face, yet here we are, quarrelling about the colour of skin.

    Black people are not oppressed. In an age of positive discrimination, the breakdown of meritocracy due to misguided attempts to represent the "underrepresented", white people who are guilty of being white, and the hate you get if you say something like "I'm okay with being white". Political correctness leads to censorship which leads to suppression of opposition. Which is a fascist trait. I have just as much right to state my opinion as anyone else, and if you think I'm a white supremacist racist for what I've said here, you're delusional and the world has gone mad. I still don't care about black history, culture or heritage. Just like I don't care about anyone else's culture or heritage. I just don't want political agendas pushed into my Discord Client, when I try so hard to avoid this stuff.

    Anyway, if you want to learn what oppression really means, head off to North Korea, or China, or live with ISIS extremists for a few months.

    Racial discrimination against black people happens, I don't deny it, but the vast majority of white people are not those scumbags, and all this bullcrap about white guilt, fragility, and pushing Black Lives Matter into our faces like we've done something wrong. No. And don't get me started on White privilege.

  • Sashautism

    I'm in subbing from this thread. Don't expect any more comments from me.

    Shame on you, Discord, for indulging in the most obvious hypocrisy to stay trendy, or some misguided attempt to combat racial divides. They will always exist because you are making them.

    Unlike you people, I'm not ashamed to be white. I won't say I'm proud, because I give literally zero care about race. But I'm not ashamed.

    Ta ta.

  • Liberty Owl

    I hate how every major platform does this shit now, it is honestly just so dumb that these people can't just live and let live.

    If someone pisses you off there is a block button and a way to leave a server, they should let us handle our own problems over the internet.

    Discord is a clown right now for pulling this, I can't take it seriously I may just end up going off of discord if this keeps up and take myself to a different platform I will not be police speeched for my humor or for my opinions on each matter. 


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