Discord virtue signaling with BLM and "White supremacy"



  • AmberZeChao

    Not gonna lie I wonder if they did this only to get more people to sign up for Nitro. I can't trust a big company like this anymore to not use something like the whole situations going on in 2020 as a way to market their product. If they genuinely want to support something, sure, okay, do whatever. But don't put it upon the community in an interrupting manner (the banner for example), some of us don't want to be part of it.

  • Drujitsu

    Upsetting to see when I log in to Discord to see something about "White Supremacy", as if that's the big issue in America right now. I thought it was bad cops, but now they just blanket ALL white people with a "white supremacy" label. I'm Caucasian and not easily offended, but THIS is beyond the pail. I don't like being grouped with every other white person alive into some absurd made up issue called "white supremacy". Discord, TAKE THIS DOWN NOW! You're about to lose A WHOLE LOT of users very fast with your offensive banner!

  • Krux

    They are really laying it on thick and heavy now with this propaganda storm. Cant turn on news, cant shop, cant even chat without having this garbage thrown up in your face.


    Just remember, especially all of you really young people coming up in this crap.


    Its perfectly ok to be white, you did nothing wrong, and you do not owe these people anything.

  • Stillmoon

    I seriously doubt they have actually read the BLM manifesto either just like all the other left wing fanatics

  • Darkbolt

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88-dV9K_cHE       please watch this it is said way better then i can!

  • uninvitedguest

    Glad I'm not the only one. The moment they turn Discord into another snowflake comfort zone by enforcing "political correctness" and such, we're going to ditch it the same way we ditched FB, Twitter and all of the other liberal social media platforms without second thought.

  • Rain Man

    "white supremacy"? are you fkn kidding me??


    discord you really made a blunder here for the sake of catering to the current theme.

    thanks for blanket-stereotyping white people as supremests. imagine the uproar if i said all black people are thieves. works both ways...

    just another virtue signalling bandwagon at the expense of legitimate decent humans regardless of color/race etc.

    i go to games for fun not politics or being bashed for being white.


    im going back to teamspeak

  • Birno

    What the hell is going on lately? I've been hearing more and more of that "white supremacy" bs lately. This is getting everywhere without context, it's ridiculous. Am I racist for saying I hate the BLM movement and everything it represents because of all the innocent people getting their shops destroyed by lunatics under the context of "racial equality"? That's a joke. I think I'm going to cancel my nitro once the month end and never gives discord any more of my hardworked money I get from doing something productive.

  • desTROYer74

    I too was disgusted to read that pop up on my discord... I find that their statement was completely racist. The whole BLM movement in itself is racist too, and so many are using it politically. The movement makes out as if there’s a large amount of cases of violence against blacks. Yes, I’m completely appalled by the violence I see in videos against blacks (but let’s face it, there’s plenty against whites too), in most cases I find the severity of the force unjustifiable and unnecessary, but also pay attention to the fact that there’s tens of thousands of police and most of them are good cops... this whole movement, including the statement by discord, has been politically motivated, anti-police, and racist. The stupidity even spread to other countries like Australia, where the problem doesn’t exist at all!

  • Ac3s

    And what do I as an EU member have to do with all this BlackLivesMatter stuff? As if that wasn't bad enough, now I have to read about White Supremacy?

    I cant wait for discord to put their noses into other people's business and enforce some censorship on them, all in the name of whatever excuse they can find to push through their agenda.

    Lets be honest, its a company, every time a company does something like this its for their own monetary gain, don't think for a second they actually care, and the way they throw white people under the bus to achieve this is unacceptable.

    At least BLM I could understand a bit but I still believe its a foolish way to achieve your goals since the name itself segregates race and has an underlining racial feel to it, though if I would say All Lives Matter or God forbid White Lives Matter, I would instantly be labeled as a racist and banned.

    This is mainly why I don't like to be force-fed stuff about BLM because your either with this movement or your labeled as a racist and your against the movement, those are the 2 options forced on people and there is no neutral middle ground, its political bias that has no place on a chatting platform.

    Though with all the riots going on in the USA I could at least understand where people are coming from with this and why they are using it, I just don't agree with it and want nothing to do with it personally.

    but White Supremacy, what the heck, are we back in 1943 all of a sudden!?!

  • Dreamer

    As a “Latino” because this apparently makes my opinion on this slightly more valid. I want this pop up gone. It was annoying when I got a announcement from a creator I was follow on an update to their game. I open discord. A chat system to get an unavoidable pop up on a movement I am actually against and a false issue such as white supremacy.

  • D3542

    This BLM banner is an insult to every gamer using Discord. We use Discord to chat and enjoy games with our friends, not to fuel these BLM activists' agenda.


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