• TheDragonStache

    I'm having this same issue, closing Discord in task manager and reopening doesn't work either. I don't care whether it's a good message or not, I don't wanna see it forever.

  • Potto

    Yeah DragonStache it gets really annoying considering it is the exact same shade as the new messages bar


  • mrjoakim

    yeah as much as i care about rights. i really dont wanna not be able to close it.
    can it be fixed soon please?


  • Potto

    Oh dragonstache weve just realised it can be removed with inspect element, just hit ctrl shift i and ctrl f the message

    3 bits around there that can be deleted

  • AmberZeChao

    That's for people on browser version, I'm not so I have to deal with a constant badge in my face which is quite annoying to say the least. I'm all for supporting a movement to stop oppression and whatnot, but I would love if the badge could be clicked out of.

    EDIT: Turns out if you close Discord fully (either through task manager or the hidden icon badge) and reopen it then try again you can close the announcement.

  • WolfEY

    As great and unpolitical as BLM is and how terrible im sure white supremacy is, this is an unclosable message with an x box that does nothing. please remove this feature, im trying to use discord not twitter please.

  • Potto

    It works on client discord AmberZeChao. I only use client and it works for me.


  • Claw_Quake

    Yeah this is ridiculous. I know discord has problems with not shoving its political views onto users but this is really pushing it.


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