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  • Rene

    My point is that Discord should be a non-politcal service. I do not care about BLM and therefore I don't want to be bothered with it. Also, as a white person, I feel personally insulted by the implied accusation of "white supremacy".

  • Madsman (Kieron)

    I wont be spending another penny on a company that's gonna shove a political ideology down my throat. I pay for products, not political campaigns.

  • tigr

    What the hell Discord, I'm not even in the US. Why do I see this?

  • Master♒le

    Discord shouldn't be political, period.

  • sad8131997

    I agree with you on this, if they want to get rid of "white supremacists" from there own company then by all means go ahead, but if there trying to shove there political garbage on me and me friends than i dont think i can support this platform anymore.

  • Codex

    Remove this bullshit , nobody cares about your propaganda and social justice.

  • Catzk3

    I am cancelling my Nitro, No way I want to be associated with a company that endorses such a hatefully divisive movement, I come here to chill with my friends not have your companies political propaganda shoved down my throat... 

  • Lag Incarnate

    I personally agree with the basic message of BLM, but in certain instances not the execution (more of an All-LM guy personally). But also I would like to be able to close the banner please and thank you, it's just barely squishing my feed and it's the slightest annoyance that there is indeed an 'x' button that does not work.

  • Codex

    Not wanting to be involved in your insanity is not racism.

  • Tomm

    well time to leave this shitty voip and head straight to teamspeak or steam call, this is a joke.

  • deadlights

    it’s Okay to be White.


  • Bestbuy345

    Ok, then why are you here? If this stuff offends you that much, why are you bothering to come here and leaving a comment? Besides, it's just people voicing their concerns in regards to what discord is doing and they have every right to do so. same as you but you  don't have to label everyone with such a broad strock. 

  • Rene

    Just to make that clear: my original post is not at all about being pro Trump or having any other political opinion, so don't hijack this thread for your personal struggles. In fact I don't even live in the US and I do not care about all the american drama. I just don't want the VOIP service that I paid for to subject me to any political influencing whatsoever. Just leave me alone with your opinion on how bad white people are.

  • eljayj

    I strive to keep politics off of my discord server. We welcome all gammers period! This should be taken down immediatly.

  • Scary-Larry


    Rene, I give you credit for speaking up – clearly, this company (and many other ones alike) are run by leadership cut from the same cloth of identity-politics. This organization isn’t fighting racism by judging others by the color of their skin (racism…obviously). Right before I delete my account here, I’ll let the real Civil Rights movement flush BLM, Discord, and the rest of the mob down the toilet together with this quote:


    “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Rene

    @neptune BLM is not just about reducing the number of deaths of black people. It is a hypocritical racist political movement that I do not endorse. Therefore I do not want to pay for it. Simple as that.

  • Sidewinder

    blm is a hate group

  • Xivilai

    I am not an American. I do not want to see your propaganda bullshit.

  • ADawg

    -Marriage is between a man and a woman.
    -Modern day feminism is a meme.
    -Forcing your political beliefs on your customers has consequences.
    -If I am racist, why does my family contain every race in it?
    -If I am racist, why is my wife not 100% white?
    -It is OK to be white.
    -It is also OK to be black, brown, whatever.
    -Conservatives are going to react when companies post stuff against their political views.
    -Companies will either shrug it off or change their tune due to diminishing revenue.
    -Discord is not a protest platform for scrawny white beta male liberals to project their white guilt onto the rest of us.
    -I dont take orders from "males" that cant benchpress their bodyweight!
    -I also dont take orders from Kerens!

    Yes I am a toxic, white, successful male that doesnt care about your laundry list of inadequacies!

  • Lag Incarnate

    @JDiaz Just restarted the program, banner's still stuck. Didn't have this problem checking the browser version, and it doesn't even show up on the app. It seems to just be the desktop program that's stuck.

    Edit: Okay, apparently Discord has the Skype sort of deal where logging out and closing the window doesn't actually turn it off. Now it'll close.

  • perkele

    Absolutely agree. The user should atleast be able to close the banner. Its not just a statement when you are forced to look at it if you just wish to use the service. Unless this was meant to make users frustrated with BLM movements terrorism.

  • TLoD_Snake

    I don't care neither about white or blank lives, all humanity should vanish in hell fire and Cats are the true master race of Earth. Remove this bullshit from Discord app, I use it to relax and play with my friends, not to take part in your political charade.

  • gh0stdan

    I mean why is white supremacy when its white on black, but ok when its black on white, its just not right. If a black person can call a white person racist names, but the white person tries to defend themselves in a non racist matter they would be called racist. This is a problem in actuality, why is it fair that a white person can be racist, but a black man cannot. Apparently this is considered white supremacy. 

  • Rene

    @SarahGabriella I do not believe that you are authorized to speak on behalf of Discord. You may not need me on this platform, but neither do I need you. But I am a paying customer. Are you?

    By the way, if you were living in my country, I could just sue you for the insulting accusation of being "racist" now because this is actual hatespeech. Not that I really care what you think, of course. But you know, the way you deal with the dissenting opinions of your fellow human beings somehow proves my original point.

  • Worsin

    I've already cancelled my nitro over this and I am going to shut down my server next if it continues.  BLM is a violent Marxist organization that is forcing people to bow to their demands or face being cancelled or their business burned down.

    I will have no part of it.

  • Mario.

    I don't agree with a lot of the messages here but I'm still standing on my belief that discord should not be political in the slightest, games are used to escape the whole politics bullshit so if you want to say you're a gaming platform, stop with the pander politics. People just want a break.

  • Rene

    The banner should not have been shown in the first place. Whether the bug was intentional or not is not important to me and many other people. Tech companies need to learn to be careful with their "virtue signalling". As for me, I will no longer pay for a company that openly endorses a violent political movement. That's all. No pitchforks involved.

  • uninvitedguest

    Glad I'm not the only one. The moment they turn Discord into another snowflake comfort zone by enforcing "political correctness" and such, we're going to ditch it the same way we ditched FB, Twitter and all of the other liberal social media platforms without second thought.

  • R2COM

    Guys its really disgusting. I checked TeamSpeak, and couldn't find any BLM related thing on their website. I am moving *back* to teamspeak - PERIOD!

    Also, they are actually progressing fast with their new TeamSpeak5 which is currently in active beta. And one of the best things about teamspeak is that you can run your own server! 

    not sure how i transitioned to discord..i guess i was just going with that flow, but now im stopping completely. In few days i will not only not have nitro but will uninstall discord completely from all my devices.

  • Tylér

    Here's my issue with the banner; the points you addressed in your banner can be seen as political and more than likely are politically driven one way or another yet your main motto (that is still on discord's front page) is the following: 

    "We built Discord to bring gamers together"

    Now how do you plan to continue doing that when make pushes to fulfill a political agenda? Not everyone is a liberal and not everyone is a republican, lots of people fall in the middle, and lots of people use video games as an escape from real life drama. But how can they do that  when they log in to Discord and see a banner about BLM and white supremacy? 


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