Inbox improvements



  • maximus-prim3

    Yes!  These ideas are great! 

    Another thing that I think would also be good is being able to properly "mark as read" items in the Mentions tab without having to jump to the channel where I was tagged (especially when it was an @everyone tag)

  • kaylon

    This would be convenient

  • Lilek

    First let the normal operation of it do. Half of the messages from servers (not muted) do not appear there, as well as messages from DM. Despite the inbox option, you still need to scroll through the server list and look for where someone wrote.

  • Genriu Keeper

    I do wish there was a way to make it so the inbox only had messages from channels that you specifically have notifications turned on for.
    Like, I don't wanna mute every channel I'm in, but I do wanna be able to quickly read and get to the places that I already said I wanna see.


  • AtTheCorner

    I think an inbox history would be nice. Sometimes I accidentally mark something as read that seems important, but then I have no idea what server or channel it was from. It would be nice to undo that quickly or see a history.

  • Junior

    Replies and Reactions from inbox!, please!!!!

  • Douglas Lassance

    Definitely agree on having it full screen somewhere with the ability to reply. If this was a thing, I would spend 90% of my Discord time on it.

    To be fully useful, it would also need to feature a view that reflects the messages I have accepted to be notified about. Currently, it's either all unreads or mentions, and neither are exactly what I'd want to see in a single unified view.

    tur1ng mentioned that he mutes all channels that he does not want to hear about as a workaround, but would that not also mute mentions in these channels?

  • Douglas Lassance

    Well, according to this article, mute will still let mentions through. Still wish I did not have to mute everything, though.

  • Name

    Agreed! I believe I've seen Discord experimenting with a full screen inbox in the past, but this is not something they've been working on at all recently as far as I know.

    Anyway I think it's a great feature that has been neglected and could be improved upon.


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