Nitro payments FAILED for no reason account disabled



  • MDevil

    Me i had this after i spent more than 500 dollar my acc got disabled cuz i tried to gift and it told me invalid payment method and it charged me but got disabled sad

  • erin

    Yeah same. Really reflects upon the quality of the support team.

  • Elite

    I actually had that happen earlier this year - I was receiving the Grandfather price for being an Early Supporter. Then when I went to my brothers for a week, my yearly renewal attempted to take place, but I didn't notice it fail until after I came back. 

    I initially had the discriminator #0001, but because someone else had taken it right after I lost Nitro, as well as my discount no longer being valid from lack of continuation, I didn't feel obligated to attempt a renewal xD

    I had plenty in the account, so have no clue why it failed randomly

  • ShuShu | 사나짱

    This happened to me 2 times in a row, but the payment went back so do I get to keep the nitro???


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