Make reactions bigger!!!!




    I agree! I pay for Nitro so that I can use all of my favorite servers' emojis, but they're so small, they're really hard to see, and I feel like it's a bit of a waste.

  • universal sigh

    Seriously if they were enlarged by even a little bit it would make such a difference

  • Impose Inc

    yes please- most emojis are near unrecognizable when in reaction form.
    it really does kinda defeat the purpose of using emojis entirely- or at least in reaction to comments.
    a client side slider scale so the user can customize the size of reactions to their choosing, maybe? 

  • santtu

    i agree im surprised they haven't done that yet i remember thinking about this a long time ago

  • warmonks

    The recent update to the reaction UIs to give them borders has shrunk the size of emotes even more, and they are incredibly challenging to see even for a user with full vision like myself..

    The popup window a user selects emojis from are a perfect size. If that size was used for react emojis, the app would be better off for it. If there isn't any interest in increasing the size by default, at least giving users a checkbox in their settings to swap large/small would be an incredible QOL improvement to not only accessibility (which I assume was a factor behind the recent border update), but to the average user's enjoyment as well. 

  • ghsty.z

    Yes! There's no reason these need to be so tiny; they don't even change along with the text zoom on desktop. I often have to mouse over/tap on mobile to see the emote code to figure out what people are even reacting with, which really defeats the purpose of reacts. I see no reason to pay for Nitro when I can't even decipher the custom emotes I might want to use.

  • Sankizar

    I approve

  • thief_gold | GuyC

    And this really should be an accessibility issue if nothing else. But if we had default emoji size in reactions the chat would be much more vibrant and colourful. Put it in Accessibility, and make it a client side choice.


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