Ability to buy server boosts monthly / yearly with nitro.



  • kailey 3

    Yes, yes. I agree with this suggestion.
    I was having the same issue.

  • elis

    I do not agree with this personally and it will not be benificial in any ways to discord. 


    Kailey is just chase on an alternate account

  • pawangupta

    wow the great 

  • MystikTurkey

    This is actually already a thing. You go to the server you wanna boost and you can buy boosts monthly

  • kidkore

    This is exactly what I'm looking for! I'm currently on a yearly nitro subscription, already used my 2 boosts, but interested to support another server monthly instead of yearly. Hope they implement this soon.

    (If you didn't know, if you're subscribed to yearly nitro, you can't buy extra boosts for monthly, only yearly, in case anyone is confused on this)

  • Coralin

    Bumping this. Need to be able to boost server monthly even if you pay nitro annually - most people will not pay up front for a whole year worth of boosts. My discord server is losing boosts because of this.


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