Discord API Kit



  • MilSci

    In my opinion this is something that Discord could decide to go into the direction of, or shy away.

    I know why you would be interested in having something like this, as it provides ease of altering bots on their servers, and new GUIs could be designed and such. It's a really good idea if executed well, however, difficulty comes with the customization. Some databases run off servers and need to be installed into the server, other parts require building and accessing the files. It gets really complicated, especially the type of code you are going to use. Is it linux based or something else? So unless discord had the ability to write up a guide to make it easy, and build a phenomenal customizable GUI that gave access directly into your server, it doesn't seem the greatest. They could also write a guide on hosting bots too. 

    On my own note, I am going to design what a GUI could look like and see if the idea gets popular.

    EDIT: I will be taking about a week to fully design the idea and see how it would work on a backend and try and supply reasoning and hopefully a design that could be used to help visualize.

    EDIT(7/7/2020) here is the link to the imgur album, still in development, but so progress can be seen. https://imgur.com/a/mOh8V5p

  • Liyud

    woah you're really in the thing ! i'm glad that you liked my suggestion ! i 'm hyped to see the design !

  • MilSci

    The completed link is provided, you will notice I did not do the Hosting section or anything, but it is pretty self explanatory, it just has graphs of data, the providers, server type, security features, recoveries and backups. So it is up for interpretation, if the idea starts to really go places I'll see what more can be done.




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