One time purchase Permanent Server Boosts



  • Mapleshade

    Yes. We need permanent server boosts

  • popwesa

    The advertising is deceptively misleading, likely by design.


    I've been a Nitro sub since July, thinking I would be getting 2 boosts a month towards my server. Not so. I finally do some research today after not seeing further boosts -- only to find out, it's this ridiculous scheme.


    So costs vs. perks. Definitely not worth it. IMO. Don't give me the community argument; it's dumb.

  • ! Ut 꽃

    I agree, we need permanent boost like the free ones they give when you sign up. And I believe the server should not lose their perks because there are small communities who DO NOT HAVE NITRO and who JUST STARTED using discord.
    For example: my girl friends Nail Tech Discord is
    And we just got to level 3.
    Even tho Discord is for gaming, we are making new clients and people interested in Nails that they just want to talk because they are not into buying Nitro. Only a select few are, but these people will eventually stop using Discord Nitro after their trial ended and what then? My girlfriends awesome / growing discord is going to get penalized for nothing?
    Discord has the potential to bring in people that is more than just gaming. We get new people signing up everyday to just join her server.
    If this is discord’s way on trying to be EA and dry out out pockets, discord will probably die out and just stick to one marketplace.
    They HAVE to implement permanent Server benefits because that is simply not fair for those who simply can’t afford it.
    They have to do something before 2020 ends, this is outrageous

  • Florida Jimmy

    Yeah... dunno what dumbasses are arguing to pay more money for less. I mean if u want, discord could give us permanent boosts and the money u save u can send to me :) dm me about it. Also, a server owner cant boost themselves to max level to "'make the server better" because that costs like 80 bucks and because truthy nobody cares about the boost levels. Of course it is incredible disappointing when me and my friends are exploring the level one perks and looking forward to getting level two, and i get a notification saying the boosts go away in 3 days. I agree, the advertising is misleading.

  • popwesa

    Weak, unrelated argument.

  • avatarjolene

    totally agree with everyone who says we need a PERMANENT SERVER BENEFITS! My brother does not use the codes for Xbox but I do, so my trial is about to end and I do not want the server I created with my friends to die out. We might as well go back to using What'sApp or revive Kik. HOWEVER, if you guys give out 2 free boost, at least have one of the boost be permanent and the other boost temporary. I still want to show my devotion to my own server and I believe other people would want to show support for their favorite creators as well. 

    This will actually be the best Christmas present you can give to us ALL. 



  • (BBÖ)Crystalz

    Permanent Server Benefits!!!
    We need permanent Server Benefits! This is true for SMALLER COMMUNITIES WHO CAN NOT AFFORD IT. This excludes us and makes us feel left out and eventually the server will be too bland and die out because smaller communities who just started will die out if this is not implemented.
    I ALSO discord has the potential to attract other fields other than gaming because there are art chats, music chats, fashion chats, it’s not only about Gaming.
    I also believe discord can have more levels and more benefits too, like Server Gif profile pics are awesome, what about Gif Banners?!
    Not every community is willing to go for nitro, only a few, but don’t penalize the server! Let us keep the benefits, we paid for it once and that’s it, I don’t know why we need to keep paying. Doesn’t make sense, this needs to be fixed before 2020 ends or discord will be super boring before 2021 arrives

  • popwesa

    Nitro/Boost PR on pricing model is deceptive and misleading to the customer, implying permanence when none exists



  • BaconWasTaken

    Well, my server is a great community but nobody got nitro

  • popwesa

    Save us the sop story, it's a paid service. Your "boost" verbiage argument is irrelevant, and the Netflix analogy a false equivalency; see above regarding server levels. This was already discussed.

    I think I'm un-subbing just because of the white knights in this post.

  • hxr404

    To solve that `Community argument` I think the Community should give the permanent boosts, not the Owner.

    But they should be permanent. E.g. you buy one for $10 and then can donate it to a Server of your choice.
    Or you could do that only people with a Nitro Subscription can buy additional Permanent Boost, but if the Nitro Subscribtion ends, the boost stays

  • Borg

    I strongly agree. When we pay for Nitro, we're always giving them some source of income. They also make money off of purchases to unlock certain things outside of server boosting. The advertising could stand to be a lot better because a lot of specifics are left out. Certain rewards when unlocked should remain unlocked without cost. This recursive paying for boosts just to keep levels up is absurd. In fact, it's discouraging of upgrading to higher levels because it cost so much to maintain especially in smaller communities that are non-profit organizations. I have found that many, many servers out there don't even bother to upgrade to level 2 because they know this recursive payment system is just a way to scalp a lot of money from new and already loyal customers.

    This needs to be changed to be more customer friendly with permanently unlocked perks. In the long run they would make more money than trying to squeeze money out of recursive payments to sustain their business model. We already pay for Nitro and other things anyways so it's not like Discord isn't getting enough money to sustain their business. When I came to discord I had no idea things actually worked like they do, but I was unpleasantly surprised after I found out how things actually worked and how deceptive the advertising is.

    Whatever the case and points may be, this subscriptions and perks design / implementation needs to be more consumer friendly because it's discouraging to upgrade or level up.

  • [تريكسي] DaBaddie

    Smaller servers need the proper attention as well! How do you expect communities to grow if you have limited BASIC perks. 

    We need to #SAVETHESERVERS have permanent boost because especially with COVID-19, buying NITRO and BOOST is the LAST thing people are worried about right now. If they implement this, then Discord will definitely expand more because a lot more people are signing up daily to use it other than gaming and it's a miracle!


  • Hoseok's Hoe 💚☀ ®

    How many people already mentioned that with the potential of permanent server boosting, Discord would still get money from nitro subscribers? I think that as a nitro subscriber, you should get at least ONE permanent boost THE FIRST TIME you get nitro. And from there it would be nice to have the option to purchase a permanent server boost, as well as have the option to buy a temporary one. This way Discord would likely gain more income from users buying more permanent ones to help support multiple communities. They wouldn't lose money going this way because, SURPRISE, you can PAY for the permanent boost and I don't know about you but last I checked, if you pay for something that means MONEY for the seller.

  • Borg

    Mouse it's pretty easy to see how else Discord makes money outside of server boosting. They make money through game sales, cosmetics such as emoji packs, stickers, custom rank cards, etc.) and merchandise. There are plenty other ways for Discord to sustain itself. It's the naysayers that are a problem here by thinking the company can't make money any other way other than Nitro subscriptions and server boosting.

    Fact is Discord can sustain themselves and more in the long run if they made boosting permanent until the Nitro subscription is ceased. When that subscription ceases then fine, take away the levels, but Nitro is a recursive payment they will always get. So, this is long term revenue and more especially when people will not want to lose their boost levels. As a server owner myself, I would be more inclined to dish out the fees to max boost and start buying some customizations, but because Discord chooses to paywall it all with persistent boosting to maintain levels beyond level 1, By pay walling leveling, they are actually doing harm because it discourages people from buying cosmetics, merchandise, and more. I am not inclined to spend anything more in Discord because it's simply unacceptable bad business the way things are modelled right now.

  • BlueStoneTimes

    Honestly, I feel like they should allow permanent boosts to a certain extent so they can still make money, but small communities can still have SOME perks. For example: The first 2 boosts for the server are permanent, but the rest will expire over time. 

  • Lothlorian

    The fact is the current set up discourages people from boosting servers.  Ive had a nitro account for years, and boost the server I run for my friends with my "free" ones.  But once I realized the boosts were temporary I stopped paying attention to it.  A lot of the white knights in this thread don't seem to understand what they're talking about. A could care less about their "business" as a consumer, I care about the product.  Its their job to worry about the business side of it.  That's supply and demand 101.

    I have a small but active discord of about 30ish people, mostly real life friends that get together to game.  But no one really cares about nitro or the perks it gives, we can just link to google docs or youtube if its something higher sized.  I pay for it because I post stuff to the server a lot for the group so it works for me.  But no one else is going to pay to consistently boost the server. So there is zero additional money that they are going to make from my server other than what I pay for my nitro sub.

    But, I would gladly pay some kind of flat yearly rate (within reason) to boost up the server to whatever level.   I'm sure I'm not alone with that. There should be some permanent effects, like custom urls and such if you really want to pay for that, but overall I would be fine with a reasonable yearly sub to maintain the server perks.  You could even scale the cost by amount of members.  0-50, 50-150, 150-300, etc.  There are many other options that could yield positive revenue besides solely relying on boosts which many servers just aren't ever going to get.  And we could all benefit as a result.  The current system is just poor decision making, and as many have pointed out, the advertising seems intentionally deceptive. 

  • popwesa

    You're asking the wrong question. You can think more deeply than that, come on.

  • popwesa

    "You people"?

  • Borg


    It's so flustrating to see that the only people who agree with this are the ones who can't afford it themselves and only care about themselves instead of Discord...

    If you don't understand then you aren't trying to understand. All you see is your narrow sighted bubble view of what's right or not. People aren't thinking of just themselves. They are thinking about Discord and its consumers. It's not that people can't afford to pay for it. What's going on is people refuse to pay for the service perks when the rewards are so small contrasted against the expenses for those perks. If you really believe that Discord is not making good money already hand over fist, you had better start studying the the Discord business model you are so religiously defending. Start doing some math. Start with 10,000 people who only purchase Discord Nitro and pay for Level 2 boost perks per month. Then start adding up all the games sales Discord makes plus don't forget to add all the sales of Discord merchandise and the fees for cosmetics. Another thing to consider is to start looking at how much it cost other countries around the world besides the USA.

    Sorry, but you are the one who's not understanding any of this. If you actually did understand what people are getting at, talking about and why, you would probably be less vocal and condescending, stereotyping people with a label of poverty. So mature of you - not.

    Start doing some math of cost to perk ratio. Discord is heavily favouring of profit moreover consumer friendliness and fairness. Dare we even mention all the Discord backer corporations who fund Discord too?

    You think this is frustrating for you? Imagine how we all think of your opinion that is not consumer friendly at all. Now Microsoft wants to buy Discord. Imagine how that makes us all feel on top of you being OK with Discord scalping its customers for minimalistic features.

    Do the math. You will see exactly why people are opting out from Discord server boosting. Cancelled my Nitro yesterday and dropped our levels. Many are doing the same.

    You want to side with Discord that's fine, but don't be ignorant of the truth and reality especially when I can post proof to you just how much Discord actually makes. I'll let you do the math, but if you insist I will prove some maths for you just to prove to you that people are not unwilling to pay because of poverty as you so labelled everyone.

    Also, I invite you to prove me wrong.

  • Lewd Catt

    I was about to purchase the the Server Booster but after doing a research on how does the Booster works, and here i am. Now i lost my interest for purchasing the booster after knowing that it won't stay permanently. Because my server is just a small community with only 200 Peoples on it. The only reason why i want to purchase the Server Booster because it increased the Emoji slots to +50 and Share Screen with High Quality as for Booster lv2 perks which sounds like a good deal for my server.

  • popwesa

    This morning I filed a report against Discord, Inc. of San Francisco with the Better Business Bureau for misleading or confusing claims about the product and price gouging as a result specific to their Nitro subscription service.

  • ☆ imanegirl

    Honestly in my opinion, you are all correct but if we were to make it so discord would make money and so the people would have permanent boosts is that the first 2 boosts are permanent and the other 45 are not i think that this is the best course of action that discord should take.

  • Blowfis

    Honestly, having the first 2 being permanent and the rest temporary would lead to more confusion and more of this argument. Example, "You TOLD us that our two boosts would be permanent, so why aren't the rest?" "Its another misleading scam, we were supposed to read the terms and conditions" stuff like that.

    To avoid another one of these it would be best to make one boost permanent and the other temporary, I think someone else said the same thing a bit before. Less room for error and a sufficient compromise between those who say discord needs the money, and those who want the boosts.

  • Shadowleaves

    Agreed... would love a one time purchase for a permanent boost vs paying monthly for it or at the very least let you just outright buy a perk you want for your server with a one time purchase vs relying on a community to boosts the server.   It makes more sense for the company to guarantee the server is max boosted with their own bucks - especially if they want the vanity URL.  What good is it for the regular person that joined your discord server to boost since they really dont benefit from it?

  • Borg

    @Egg inc.
    How would they not be making money? Discord makes money with cosmetics, game sales, merchandise and is also financially backed by several major corporations. Don't try to feed us this nonsense that Discord will not make any money because Discord is making money hand over fist even without server boost payments. The keep server boost, people would still be paying Nitro fees to keep those levels. Stop perpetuating fictitious notions. It's helping nobody.

  • Seikie

    I don't think you fellow Discord users understand how Discord makes money.

    If boosts were to be permanent, Discord would legit eventually go bankrupt. If the company isn't using advertisement, this is another alternative. Although, popwesa, I'm happy you did your research before paying for the subscription, it is definitely not Discord's problem that you personally think it is a scam or whatever. 

    If people believe that Discord should add permanent boosts for the sake of smaller communities, that makes no sense. Since Discord boosts are meant to be given by community members, server owners shouldn't be the ones having to invest all of their money for T3 boosting. T3 comes from more server boosters. More server boosters come from more members; It's just how it works. As a community server gets larger, it gets the ability to have more perks.

    Especially if Discord is ever planning on going public or becoming a bigger franchise, permanent boosting and perks aren't the way to go. Back to the Netflix example, imagine how much money Netflix would lose if they were a 'pay once' subscription? I think some people forget that Discord isn't just a small business anymore. 

    Maybe Discord does need to fix their marketing to be more clear, but permanent boosting isn't the way to go: at least for the companies sake.

  • adderall

    bruh whats the point of having temporary server benefits? the point of nitro is personal benefits, and it makes sense that they remain temporary, but server boosts expiring is just a money grab to have people who want a cool server on the hook for nitro. 

  • Sparrow

    I would like to say that I do agree with the statement.


    Boosts are temporary, it would be a waste of someone's life and the whole server if you are charged 12 times a year just for Nitro Boosts. This is the main problem about Discord Nitro's Boosts.


    Argument 1:

    I suggest somehow maybe a feature to keep Level 1 or Level 2 or both permanent after it's unlocked with Level 3 being just an upgrade to both levels. This way smaller servers don't get charged monthly and it allows smaller servers to grow faster.


    Argument 2:

    Most of the features in Level 1 and Level 2 are pretty tame, getting a server background is a simple task and most platforms have this feature, and changing the background is very minor and there's no point charging someone to upload a picture.

    I see no absolute problem in changing backgrounds. Like what's the point?



  • Saturnalia9

    So I have two points and one thought:

    I do care for Discord, since I use it for nearly everything. However, I still agree with those people who agree that having permanent server boosts would be beneficial. Although, a single permanent boost per Nitro user may be the best option. When you think about it, that one permanent boost wouldn't do much, so you'd naturally still need two people to pay for that permanent level 1 boost. That means two people are potentially buying Nitro, rather than just one person who buys the permanent and the temporary (potentially less profit there, understand?). Again, I state (for the dumb ones) two Nitro users rather than one.

    Second, it is true that the wording for the Discord Nitro is a bit deceptive. The most coherent description they provide on the Discord app says "Get 2 server boosts and 30% off extra boosts". Since Nitro is monthly, you can't help but think that the 2 given boosts are also monthly. It doesn't state anywhere on the Discord app that those two free boosts aren't monthly. You could potentially argue that it doesn't say it's not monthly, but that's where the confusion starts.

    I'd buy Discord Nitro for a month if it gave even a single permanent server boost, because it feels like you're supporting your server; Discord; and, by extension, yourself. However, because it's a monthly pay (and therefore multiplicative), it makes me not want to pay anything. This may have been stated elsewhere, but if Discord gave a single permanent boost to each new Nitro subscriber, MANY more people would be more inclined to pay that $5. You may even have more people willing to pay the monthly fee to REMAIN Nitro subscribers.


    TL;DR, if each new Nitro user got a single free permanent server boost, more people would be inclined to throw the $5 at Discord. You'd also have more people possibly become monthly Nitro subscribers because they got something permanent out of it.


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