• MilSci

    This is something that is interesting in my opinion.

    Discord could take two directions with this and go for more customization on servers or try to stick their originality. I think customization on some parts is great, however, if you could change the background that may take away from the simplicity of Discord. Unless you mean making this client sided, in which that seems plausible but again, it's a debate on should Discord promote customization or bulwark their originality.

  • twest

    Like they can feature this settings
    In (Nitro) first they will have limited options in selecting backgrounds wallpapers then check how the community react i bet this will sell fast cz most of the big servers are fill with anime bots .... think abt your favorite anime in the background that would be cool or just something relaxing . Also u can make a bot that react to that chat like changing the BRound if there is tension or when theres tension he can change bRr to chill the people . Maybe reminders pops also .... u can benefit a lot from this setting but ofc they have to start simple like just adding an amount of wallpaper yo choose from and and wait for the community to react then start making it big

  • JasonOdum

    If you don't want your phone to be boring, try . It has many colors for you to choose from.


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