Discord API Test Servers



  • MilSci

    I, personally, think this is a phenomenal idea.

    I think everyone should be able to create a server, and select a type. The types could be "Development" and "Normal". A normal server is the servers we can make currently. A development server would be something like this with a custom GUI built into it to emulate events, add custom users (probably just IDs not real tags), and run anything else developers like us could use. I would also add customization so that way you and your friends can work on the same server and the owner can edit perms like normal.

    I will develop a few images to emulate what "pages" could look like for this, and see how it goes.

  • rosee

    Awesome idea, would love to see this implemented

  • advaith

    What's wrong with just making actual accounts and servers like everyone does?

    I'm genuinely curious, I'm a bot developer and I don't really see the point of this.

  • MilSci


    His point is you should be able to emulate events on your command and such, so it is easier to test for event listeners, and if you have auto generated users it may be easier to work with when editing players and such. It allows developers to have full customization abilities without needing to ping real people, or kick people and reinvite them back in, etc.

  • aleki

    This would be great. I'm a Bot Developer and this will be perfect for me :D

    Extra: Verified bot applications have an extra section to choose a server which will be set up as a development server as with the Developer App License. This server would be the official Discord but with some extra features like adding fake users (ID and fake/random tag) which don't count on the server but do for the bots, simulate sending a message from a random user, etc.

  • Mannequin Fitness

    This feature would indeed be a big step forward for bot development.

    Currently, I am forced to create "trash accounts" to test my functionality, or Discord blocks my actions (in a justified way) but this greatly prevents me from moving forward on my projects.

    A dedicated interface would be perfect, here is a quick sketch:

    Yes, I did this on MS Paint.

  • stormbringer

    I would love the ability to easily generate fake members and the like for testing, it'd make life much, much easier for my current app, since it requires SSO authentication from an mmorpg and it's supposed to prevent things like a guild member authenticating with multiple characters and the like. Juggling discord accounts is bloody hassle, and it doesn't feel like a robust way of testing to me.

  • NPetrovich

    Hi, everyone!

    I am developing a WordPress plugin that downloading guild data with the bot. Also need to test how plugin working on very big amounts of data, specifically a lot of members, more than 1000. I did not found any solution. If someone has any idea can you please mail me: nicolaypetrovich@icloud.com.

    Thank you anyway. Have a nice day and stay healthy)

  • Yannik_Sc

    We really need this! It does not necessarily has to be as a service, It would be fine to host it yourself/running it locally but It is sooo annoying to have to wait like 5 minutes to see code changes in Discord. It would also be a great way to ignore rate limits (for testing).

    But at least provide a button to enforce a session/cache reset for the bot. This long waiting time is just super painful.


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