Stopping a stalker.



  • queen

    re: the nickname thing, I've seen bots that automatically change all new member names into whatever you want, but that applies to ALL new members, not member names that fit criteria.

    something i'd try in the realm of bot-based moderation is creating a 'holding channel' where all new members are locked in with a role that keeps them from accessing any channels not enabled on their role and forces them to stay in the one channel until you give them a role with more permissions or remove the limiting one.

    to do this, you'd create one new channel ("welcome channel" for example) and when someone joins, the bot automatically assigns them the "welcome role", where they are only able to view the rules channel and talk in the welcome channel until you remove the role and/or assign them a new one. this "welcome channel" can be hidden from regular users so nobody can see what they are saying in that channel if they are revealing personal info. good luck!

  • 🛸ИîИƎ✞ƎƎИ9̶2̶♊

    If bans are in effective, perhaps instead of banning them, try talking to them. The problem with Discord moderators is they’re too trigger-happy with the banning, when that only fuels the fire of stalkers and makes the room a bigger target for them. Try talking to them. Compromise. Say, they won’t be banned so long as they come in on their regular account, without their current offensive name. You’d be surprised how nice they are when people are nice to them.


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