Add Discord Turbo



  • Awesomeday46

    I really love the idea with the Discord Turbo.
    But I don't think lowering Prices is a good idea since that could be exploited.

  • JayBoat

    No, no no no.. I am not paying for nitro anymore. ESPECIALLY if we can’t even keep server boost. They expire when the account nitro expires! I’m tired as sh*t keep buying nitro every month when the banner is gone and basically all my money is gone. Then I have to beg for another person to boost, hoping they won’t UNBOOST or expire. It’s a sh**ty pattern that I’m tired of.

  • l'autre

    No, music in profile would be more storage than you think

    JayBoat calm down wtf if you can't boost your server than don't '-'

  • MorbidAeolic

    So when someone hovered their mouse over the pfp, would it play the sound then? Or how would it work in your eyes?

  • FtMyr

    Yes Discord Turbo Is Cool Maybe There You Will Be the Owner Of discord For 1 week 1520$ 1 week 
    And You Get To Be Bots, You Can Be Admin In Any Server

    You Know That will Be Cool


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