Option to not automatically download photos when opening in browser



  • Teo

    I would prefer if there are 2 buttons, "Open in browser" and it opens it without downloading it and "Download" that would save it in your Downloads folder. I hate opening my browser just to save an image.

  • Hope

    Yes, this.  I also want it to open the darn videos in browser instead of downloading them.  I try to link them to friends and none of them see it 'cause they refuse to download some random arse video.  Like I don't know who thought it was a better idea to DL stuff when I link it or tell the app to open it, but they shouldn't be in charge of any further decisions.  I bet it's the same yahoo that decided 2000 characters was enough for a post, too, and you couldn't even have server settings to overwrite the default.  /smh


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