Nitro not Working



  • Cobey 3

    Discord scammed me for 9.12, I bought 1 boost and thought it was just 1 but turns out it was a subscription, So i boosted my friends server and canceled the subscription,And once i canceled it the badge was somehow still on my account,So i bought a nitro gift and gifted it to myself and once i accepted it,I never got it so i have contacted google plays to get a refund and my girl friend also bought me some nitro and that never worked,Discord needs to get fixed 

  • iriszaa

    I lost money 80$ For me and friend but nitro bug and bug and bug

    and notified the developer but not corrected or accepted.

    So I decided to apply again. and send gifts to friends again It turned out that my friend's gift received it but didn't receive nitro. and i lost 10$ one time ofr my friend

  • 𝚍𝚞𝚖𝚋♡


  • ant

    I’ve recently bought the discord nitro subscription, I bought the 5 dollar one and I got the notification but my nitro did NOT show up I had no badges no anything.

  • AlexisUnicornlover7

    Yup same thing Is happening to me… discord just told me to file a refund from Apple… My best guess is that I lost my money.


    Yep you’ve lost it all because apple will tell you that discord has to give the refund its an endless loop of going back and forth like talking to your parents as a kid when you wanted something

  • XayHoe(Baptist)💯

    Discord wont respond to my emails!!! Ive bought discord in the past with no problem..whats going on!

  • Reyy

    I just bought $10 nitro on iOS and it’s not popping up anything

  • IPaRTy

    discord tried with available funds in account everyday this month, but only managed to snag the funds after they shut off my nitro.

    literally makes no sense. something is wrong with their entire billing process.

    i add a source of payment and it just doesn't acknowledge it come time to pay the bill again it just fails over n over.

  • kira3

    I bought 4.99 nitro recently and I haven’t received it. No perks, no badges nothing at all. My money was spent and I’ve even contacted you on gmail. Please fix this bug and give everyone who got into this bug their nitro that they paid for. I’m really disappointed. I bought nitro on my old account before and no bugs. Why bugs now?

  • Monarch

    Bro wtf is this nitro bug mf gimme my money back

  • ΣXIƬ

    I just bought it and didn’t get anything, tried everything and waiting for an email back

  • sugar$lut

    Sooo brought nitro and it’s not working. Does anyone know how to contact discord. It’s really just useless atp

  • ender

    The payments are handled by apple, not discord through iOS so you will have to contact apple for a refund

  • seamoanee

    Yep I bought a one year nitro subscription once on mobile never got it, contacts discord took them a month to reply I never got it in the end my bank can’t do anything since it’s been too long stupid trash payment system it’s a scam.

  • mehvda

    how tf can you have a billion dollar company but cant afford good support staff, this app is so trash, and the payment system for nitro is so bugged, reply back to my email asap, sick of dealing with you guys, moving to guilded

  • N E H ❤

    Damn… why didnt i read this post after buying it :(… My boyfriend bought the 4,99€ subscription and it came, i bought the 9,99€ one and it didn't even show up. Got a bank confirmation and everything. What a terrible day!


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