NEW FEATURE SUGGESTION - Favorite Friends / Pin DM




    This is a rlly good idea

  • Before you read!!, I'm not condoning the use of BetterDiscord at all in this comment.


    This idea is actually a thing with BetterDiscord and let me tell u, it works exactly like that and it is super useful. If you guys (Discord) actually make this a thing you should contact DevilBro because that's who made the plugin. 

  • Hinome


    That's a great idea. It can possible to access more simply or find friend easier!

    I still think it's not a priority for Discord this idea is very good. And maybe, why not, add a "Best Friend" (on PC) after the "All Friends" instead of the place of server.

  • Hotsense

    This absolutely. I was just about to make a post myself, but found a few mentioning the idea, glad to see it's a desired feature.

    I'd like to point out, a DM sent to you while you're clicked into a server, already appears in the server bar, it feels like half the work is already done with this being how it is.

    To be a bit more clear on how this would function I think something around the lines of..

    1. Right click the user, either from 'Direct Messages' or from the server bar when someone sends you a new DM.

    2. Select the option in the drop-down titled 'Pin DM'.

    3. To Unpin. Right click the pinned DM that is in the server bar, select the option 'Unpin DM'.

    Please consider adding this feature, I truly believe it would be heavily used.


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